The one


What to say…… I’m actually sat hear wishing we had fought more or there was one bad memory something to build a case in my head that it wouldn’t have worked….. all I can think is where we would be now together, I’m a softy and would have purposed by now, maybe even a baby you were so excited for a family ☺ and I was so looking forward to moving down to Twickenham.

Its not that there isn’t lovely girls out there that I’m sure I could be happy with but the problem is I keep tanking because I’m trying to kid myself I’m ready to move on.

It’s not all bad I’m interviewing for a great job at the moment and I bought a mazda (sorry an old hag crashed into your aygo) bit it’s all superficial!

Not that I believe in spirits but could you come down some haunting tonight I really miss you.

Love James