I Have Lost Everyone

A year ago I lost my husband of 16 years. He died at home, I couldn’t do anything to stop or change it. He had a bad heart valve and lung cancer. While I’m trying very hard to think of all the good memories it is kind of hard to when every time I look out the windows I remember what happened just out there… In 2012 I lost my Dad, it was just his time I guess. I lost my younger brother who was also one of my BFF’s to lung cancer in 2011. My Mom died of pancreatic cancer in 1995.

I feel so lost and alone. I have an older brother but sad to say we don’t really get along.

My husband was my whole world. I was with him just about 24/7 since I was his caregiver and wife for many years. I am trying to “get on with my life” but how do you do that?