Loss of My Ex Husband

October 2004 I met the most wonderful man
June 2005 we were married

Unfortunately things unraveled quickly. He had some major drug addictions and no matter how much I loved him- the drugs were always there. October 2007 we divorced and separated for a year. In 2008 we reconciled but that only lasted a year. The drugs were still there and it was just too difficult. We cut off communication but I never stopped loving him. 3 years after we split up for the last time I remarried. My husband is wonderful, but I could never love anyone like I did my ex husband. I always assumed at some point I would be able to talk to my ex again and talk through the issues we had to clear the air.

I received word that my ex husband died. Cirrhosis of the liver from hepatitis c due to his long term use of intravenous drugs

My heart is broken. The grief I feel is more than I can take
To make it worse, I talked to his mother, and he never moved on…he literally loved me until the day he died.

I am totally broken between guilt and devestation.