Husband Archive

Loss of My Ex Husband

October 2004 I met the most wonderful man June 2005 we were married Unfortunately things unraveled quickly. He had some major drug addictions and no matter how much I loved him- the drugs were always there. October 2007 we divorced and separated for a ...Read More

2 Years 2 Months and 1 Week

It feels like forever since I’ve seen you, felt your arms around me, your lips on mine, heard your deep laughter. Since I watched you waste away to a walking skeleton and heard the gunshot and cradled your bloody head in my lap. I ...Read More

Remembering His Voice

I noticed a few weeks ago that I had avoided the pictures I have of Matt around my room. Around my son’s birthday at the end of January I was struggling immensely with my emotions. I cried secretly in the bathroom a few times ...Read More

Lost My Husband 3 Weeks Ago

I lost the love of my life only 3 weeks ago to a sudden heart attack. I found him in the morning. I couldn’t believe what was happening. He was only 47. It’s been extremely difficult. I’ve been reading many posts just to see ...Read More

He is Just Gone Now

I’m hoping posting this will be therapeutic because I am just so lost and destroyed. My soulmate, bestfriend, partner in life died Saturday January 31, 2015 in a motorcycle accident. We met online on a astrological forum and with him being a Scorpio and ...Read More

Widowed at 27

I used to work as a cna and a hospice cna so I have helped many families with dealing with emotions. Then one of my husbands grandma came to the nursing home I was working at so I could make sure she was alright. ...Read More

Missing My Beautiful Husband

I lie awake and think of you Tears fill my eyes. I long to feel your touch, hear your voice, stoke your hair, kiss your lips. I cling to your clothes I fear your scent is leaving them. My shattered heart cries out for ...Read More

Shattered and Sheltered

This is my first post here…Perhaps this avenue of expression will be a help to me and my story can be a blessing to someone else. I have such a myriad of emotions that boil inside of me as I try to navigate through ...Read More

Now What?

It was my lovely Dave’s funeral on Friday. It was all a bit of a blur, I felt like I was watching myself in a film. I remember the sun was shining as he took his final journey to the church, none of us ...Read More

Someone Please Tell Me Why

… there is any reason whatsoever for me to keep going? Just one will do. I can’t take this hell any longer. Not another minute. My husband died 8– almost 9 months ago. He took everything good and loving and joyful in me with ...Read More

My Husband Was my Soulmate

My husband is my soulmate, my love, my heart. I knew from the moment I met him that we were soulmates, meant to be together (that is not hyperbole — I really did know). We were together for nearly 13 years before he died; ...Read More