Brother Archive

Best Buds Forever

I miss you so much Cameron. It’s so difficult not having you around. You were the best thing to happen to all of us, and I wish you were still here. I miss you so much. Love, John ...Read More

My Brother

One week ago tomorrow, my sister and I were jolted awake by our mom at a little after 5 in the morning. “Girls, wake up” she said over and over again. As I opened my eyes I realized she was crying, and I knew ...Read More

Anticipatory Grief

My brother is 67 years old. He is currently in the hospital with brain cancer, past colon cancer, bone cancer and MRSA. I don’t know how to feel, what to pray for. I just feel lost. And yet my life is going on while ...Read More

He Was Only 18

My 18 year old brother was in the back seat of his friends car with his seatbelt on they had just left a 30 miles an hour zone when a man in his 30s who was on a rampage just drove straight into the ...Read More